Subjects Covered In This Course:

                Physical Suggestibility Emotional Suggestibility
                Intellectual Suggestibility How Suggestibility is Learned
               The Characteristics of Left/Right Brain Dominant Differences in Communication Styles
               Literal and Inferred Suggestions  


  1. 1. Watch the following videos
  2. 2. Read the "Suggestibilityhandout
  3. 3. Read pages 14-24 in "Chapter 2" of the Professional Hypnosis Manual
  4. Complete the Course Self Test (PDF or WORD DOC)

Additional Resources

"A Little Left Brain Humor" (7:53)

Law of Reverse Action Law of Repetition   
Law of Dominance Law of Delayed Action  
Law of Association  
  • "Suggestibility - Part 1" (18:30)
  • Suggestibility - Part 3 
  • Suggestibility - Part 2