June 6, 2016 developer

During the last five years before coming to see Clay at the Atlanta West Hypnotherapy Clinic I had made a decision to go on antidepressants and had become a self-help junkie. I had battled my weight, depression and poor self-esteem all my 52 years of life. I rarely slept well. I was working on my weight at Weight Watchers and sought peace of mind through exercise, yoga, meditation, and relaxation therapy. Despite my efforts I still struggled with losing weight because of binge eating. Under stress, I couldn’t resist over-eating. I would stuff myself to the point of fullness. It was only then that I would experience stress relief. I knew I had deep seated self-esteem issues that caused the over-eating and depression but I just thought of that as my lot in life and never even dreamed of it changing.

Shortly after seeing Clay I noticed such a difference in my level of calmness as well as improving self-esteem. The binge eating began to stop almost immediately and also immediately began to experience better sleep. After several weeks of therapy I shifted my focus to self-esteem. I finally began to feel at peace with the past and began to feel esteem consistent with my accomplishments. I started feeling well and emotionally at peace for the first time in my life. After making some adjustments to my plan at Weight Watchers I found that I was easily able to control my food intake. I now feel more calm and in control than at any time in my adult life. I highly recommend seeing Clay for hypnotherapy. For me, it has been life changing.