Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute – Recommendation

May 12, 2014 developer

I am a graduate of four 100 hour courses of Dr. LaRain’s school beginning in 2006 and completed in 2009.

The education I received from Atlanta National Hypnotherapy Institute was a program that taught integrity, integrity, integrity. Integrity involving the ethics of working with clients in a session, the integrity in honoring a client’s confidentiality, and the integrity Laura LaRain promoted in terms of completing course requirements, making up missed sessions, completing exams, and participating in practice sessions, she would not let us work with clients until we completed 400 hours of training under her guidance.

Director Laura LaRain was very strict about learning the material as they presented it and not “going off on our own” with working. She expected us to memorize all parts of the hypnotic session and was very clear that we were to learn the material, based on her 35 years of experience, and not our own creativity.

She was strict about class attendance and insisted we come in and review each taped session we missed as each lesson was built upon the previous lesson.

In my research of schools across the country, I learned that ANHI’s method, of teaching students the ability to recognize communication patterns of their clients for higher success rate, was not commonly taught. I appreciated this approach as it continues to serve me personally, giving me more understanding about my marriage and husband and our communications styles and patterns. I learned more about us in the 2 years of training at ANHI than in 22 years of marriage and I was able to assess myself.

I could recommend ANHI to anyone and am very grateful to have had someone with Dr. Laura’s caliber and decades of experience and wisdom coming from that experience to teach me and guide me to become a successful agent of change for those seeking to work in a hypnotherapeutic setting.

Marietta, GA.