During the last five years before coming to see Clay at the Atlanta West Hypnotherapy Clinic I had made a decision to go on antidepressants and had become a self-help junkie. I had battled my weight, depression and poor self-esteem all my 52 years of life. I rarely slept well. I was working on my weight at Weight Watchers and sought peace of mind through exercise, yoga, meditation, and relaxation therapy. Despite my efforts I still struggled with losing weight because of binge eating. Under stress, I couldn’t resist over-eating. I would stuff myself to the point of fullness. It was only then that I would experience stress relief. I knew I had deep seated self-esteem issues that caused the over-eating and depression but I just thought of that as my lot in life and never even dreamed of it changing.

Shortly after seeing Clay I noticed such a difference in my level of calmness as well as improving self-esteem. The binge eating began to stop almost immediately and also immediately began to experience better sleep. After several weeks of therapy I shifted my focus to self-esteem. I finally began to feel at peace with the past and began to feel esteem consistent with my accomplishments. I started feeling well and emotionally at peace for the first time in my life. After making some adjustments to my plan at Weight Watchers I found that I was easily able to control my food intake. I now feel more calm and in control than at any time in my adult life. I highly recommend seeing Clay for hypnotherapy. For me, it has been life changing.

Hypnosis in General

I have been working with clay for several months not only i s he easy to talk to but he listens and takes a sincere interest in my goals. I have changed for the better in so many ways since I started hypnotherapy.
I highly recommend Clay to anyone who is wanting to include hypnosis in their lives.

Lori L.

Social Anxiety

I always thought of myself as a confident person but at the same time I’d crumble when I needed me the most. I would drive myself mad thinking, I finally ended up in many different kinds of therapies, from C.B.T to Hypnotherapy. I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety. For the last 2 years I’ve been hiding this, smiling on the outside and not on the inside. I decided to try hypnotherapy again, “one last try as I know ALL THIS is in my head.” I noticed a huge difference from the first week; I was actually looking for my anxiety as it was the only way I knew how to think. It did make attempts to come back but the more I went back to see Dr. Laura LaRain the more fun my life became, I started dating again and I’m actually looking for people to go out and have fun with, instead of making excuses or thinking of what to say. My life is back on track and fun again. I couldn’t say enough about Dr. LaRain and her team. There’s a friendly environment from the minute you meet Rosa at the front desk until you leave with a smile on your face.

Thanks for everything
P. D.

P.S I bet you’ll smile when you feel your arm move up to your face within a couple of minutes of meeting Dr. LaRain!!!

Anxiety, Sleeping, Study Habits

I came to Dr. Laura as an anxious skeptic without a previous experience of hypnotherapy. Even though I had seen positive effects from hypnosis on others, I figured I wouldn’t be one of those people. I was so incredibly wrong. In two sessions I noticed significant improvements in my anxiety, sleeping, and eating habits. I would suggest anyone with overwhelming problems or anxiety to try this option. It made a world of difference.

Chris D.


After Smoking cigarettes and cigars for the last 20 years, I decided to try hypnotherapy with Dr. LaRain. I had tried cold turkey and the patch in the past and they were only a short term soultion. Dr Laura’s approach toward the science of helping me rid myself of the urge to smoke was 100% successful after the first session and future sessions only helped secure the first. I recommend her practice to anyone that wants to feel better about themselves and to eliminate the need for tobacco.

Thanks Doctor!
F. L.
Marietta, GA.

“I tried gum, patches, cold turkey and nothing worked. This is what I needed, because it’s different and it worked deep in my mind. I feel that I never want to smoke ever again or why I ever wanted to in the first place. Also the fear of gaining weight is gone. I’ve walked in my neighborhood to lose weight on a consistent basis. I am happier and sleep better. My way of thinking gets better and better so I can make better decisions. My nerves are coming together. I smile and laugh a lot more than before. Life is good after all. Thanks to Laura and her gift.”

Marietta, GA.

“Hypnosis has helped me greatly in quitting smoking after 40 years of smoking. It has been three weeks and I have gained only two pounds. I could have never quit smoking by myself”

P. M.
Marietta, GA.


I sought Hypnotherapy for a weight problem: that nasty little 20lbs. I had, and continue to have great success at shedding those pounds. I have experienced the additional benefits of increased energy, and overall physical and mental improvement.

Thank you for the loving care.

Canton, GA.

Self Improvement

Dear Dr. Laura,

Thank you for helping me release the shame and guilt from childhood Sexual and Physical abuse. Even though I appeared outgoing and confident, I have suffered from a life time of low self-esteem and destructive habits. My inability to effectively control my temper and tongue has been a huge source of problems in my life and you have helped me over come this problem through hypnosis. Your positive reinforcement to my subconscious mind enabled me to release the guilt and shame caused from sexual and emotional abuse. I feel good about myself and I am no longer feeling tainted or unclean.

Hypnosis has helped me in several different ways such as:

~Reinforcing the strength within me and rejecting negative thoughts and accepting the positive thoughts.

~Focusing more on having more patience and tolerance with others.

~I am much calmer and more in control of my actions.

Lastly, but not least thank you Dr. Laura for working with me and my sexual disfunctions. Especially, after not being able to reach an orgasm all my life with sexual intercourse, you helped me over come this problem. This has given me great joy and excitement at this time in my life. Dr. Laura, have helped me in a way that no previous therapist has ever been able to do so.

Thank You again.


Hey Guys,

Just wanted to drop you a note & say my trip went great. Played great golf & was relaxed and having fun out there on those beautiful golf courses. No anxiety at all about getting on the plane. We had to sit on our plane and wait for better conditions with the weather for an hour and a half, but I remained calm, relaxed and enjoyed the entire ordeal.

I just want to say, thanks to the whole staff for being very courteous and helpful. You really helped me a lot.

Thanks again,
Marietta, GA.

Sports Performance

“Hypnotherapy helped me concentrate and relax in baseball, but also in life. In school my grades have improved. In baseball my batting has improved. Life is less stressful, more relaxing and comfortable. I don’t get mad as much as I used to. Now, I simply talk to the person or just ignore them. Life is much better!”

P. M.
Atlanta, GA.