About Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is the ability to use words in a particular manner to achieve a specific outcome through a heightened state of suggestibility. Suggestibility is the extent to which a person is able to accept suggestions as being true. Hypnotherapists purposely invoke this heightened state of suggestibility to bypass the [infopopup:conscious-mind] and directly access the [infopopup:subconscious-mind] where underlying issues may exist.

During a hypnosis session, positive suggestions are made by the hypnotherapist to help patients relax and better deal with underlying thoughts and emotions that may contribute to an individuals psychological problems. Hypnotherapists are able to positively affect the beliefs, habits, perceptions and behaviors of an individual through hypnosis.

Areas of Focus

Clinical hypnotherapists help their clients to overcome specific symptoms and/or reach specific goals. For example, hypnotherapists often work with individuals who suffer from pain or who would like to quit smoking. The therapist's goal is to assist clients in achieving objectives by reconditioning their minds through hypnosis, suggestive influence, and guided mental imagery.

Below are just a few of the issues that you will learn to work with as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

• Eating Disorders • Sleep Problems
• Smoking • Weight Loss
• Impulsive Behavior • Fears, Phobias, and Anticipatory Anxiety
• Control of Emotions • Rejection
• Relationship Dynamics • Stress Management
• Self-Improvement • Substance Abuse
• Motivation • Taking Control of Thought Process
• Decision Making • Pre-Birth Regression and Genetic Memory
• False Memories • Blocking Pain (Medical Referral)
• And Many More  

How Will Hypnotherapy Training Benefit Me?


This course will help you to understand how your child's suggestibility develops as well as how to use that knowledge to help your child deal with peer pressure and other problems during those crucial elementary, middle and high school years.

Ministers and Teachers:

Reach your congregation and students by understanding how to create rapport, use power statements, visualization, imagery, and suggestions about any subject in a way that compliments the learning process for both left and right-brain dominant individuals.

Medical Patients:

Since the subconscious mind cannot analyze nor recognize the difference between visualizing an event versus going through the actual process of an event, it is understandable how a past negative medical experience may create "White Coat Syndrome," etc. Learn how the techniques used in Clinical Hypnotherapy can easily retrain the subconscious mind to perceive medical situations in a more positive light. Hypnotherapy may also be used to:

• Reduce pain in cancer patients
• Lower blood pressure
• Reduce stress and anxiety
• Facilitate the healing process more quickly


Absenteeism, substance abuse and other problems resulting from stress take a heavy financial toll on companies. Reducing stress and increasing motivation can result in higher productivity and financial gain.


Hypnosis can be extremely effective with sports and athletic training by enhancing an individual’s focus, concentration, and self confidence.


Improve concentration, memory, and study habits.


This program will enlighten you as to why you behave the way you do and show you how you can change that behavior by working with the subconscious mind through hypnosis. Improve your self confidence and self esteem. Enhance your focus, concentration and memory. Rid yourself of fears and phobias. Learn how to deal with life situations in a calm and clear-minded way.

Become a Clinical Hypnotherapist

A New Career ~ A New Beginning
As a Clinical Hypnotherapist you can actualize your power to impact the world around you in a positive way. You can take control of your life and teach others to do the same.

You will learn to help others:
• Feel happier.
• Become more confident and self assured.
• Deal with many life problems that have failed to respond to other methods.

How would you feel:
• If you could schedule your own hours?
• If you had a career that was fascinating and rewarding?
• If you could help others feel happier and have more contentment in their lives?
• If you could enjoy financial rewards while helping others?
• If you could start your own business and use the knowledge that you learned in your present and/or previous career?

Perhaps you will retire soon or maybe you already have. You can market your wisdom by sharing it with others and empowering them as they overcome the struggles that they are beginning to face in their lives. You can make a positive impact on the lives of others as a Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist. You have acquired knowledge and wisdom that comes only with maturity and experience. Now is the time to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

What Hypnotherapists Do After Graduation?

You may wish to open your own office, either by yourself, or in association with other professionals. If you are a doctor, nurse, medical practitioner, chiropractor, psychologist, counselor, health care professional, teacher or other professional, you may wish to use hypnotherapy in conjunction with your present profession.

If you are in a position of directing or managing others, you may wish to use your knowledge of left/right brain concepts and communication (the way individuals receive and process information) to more effectively manage, communicate and direct others. You may use the knowledge learned in this course to motivate sales personnel and greatly increase your company sales.

Perhaps, you have always found the subject interesting and would like to learn it for your own interest and use.
With each course, you will gain new insight that will help you to live your life more fully as well as to help others do the same.


What Can I Charge Clients for My Hypnotherapy Sessions?

The fee for a hypnotherapy session is often dependent on the socio-economic profile of the area in which you open your office.
On the high end of the scale, you may be able to charge $250.00 or more for an initial session, whereas on the low end, you might charge $150.00 for an initial session. Sessions thereafter are less than the initial session.
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