Self Improvement

June 24, 2014 developer

Dear Dr. Laura,

Thank you for helping me release the shame and guilt from childhood Sexual and Physical abuse. Even though I appeared outgoing and confident, I have suffered from a life time of low self-esteem and destructive habits. My inability to effectively control my temper and tongue has been a huge source of problems in my life and you have helped me over come this problem through hypnosis. Your positive reinforcement to my subconscious mind enabled me to release the guilt and shame caused from sexual and emotional abuse. I feel good about myself and I am no longer feeling tainted or unclean.

Hypnosis has helped me in several different ways such as:

~Reinforcing the strength within me and rejecting negative thoughts and accepting the positive thoughts.

~Focusing more on having more patience and tolerance with others.

~I am much calmer and more in control of my actions.

Lastly, but not least thank you Dr. Laura for working with me and my sexual disfunctions. Especially, after not being able to reach an orgasm all my life with sexual intercourse, you helped me over come this problem. This has given me great joy and excitement at this time in my life. Dr. Laura, have helped me in a way that no previous therapist has ever been able to do so.

Thank You again.