June 24, 2014 developer

After Smoking cigarettes and cigars for the last 20 years, I decided to try hypnotherapy with Dr. LaRain. I had tried cold turkey and the patch in the past and they were only a short term soultion. Dr Laura’s approach toward the science of helping me rid myself of the urge to smoke was 100% successful after the first session and future sessions only helped secure the first. I recommend her practice to anyone that wants to feel better about themselves and to eliminate the need for tobacco.

Thanks Doctor!
F. L.
Marietta, GA.

“I tried gum, patches, cold turkey and nothing worked. This is what I needed, because it’s different and it worked deep in my mind. I feel that I never want to smoke ever again or why I ever wanted to in the first place. Also the fear of gaining weight is gone. I’ve walked in my neighborhood to lose weight on a consistent basis. I am happier and sleep better. My way of thinking gets better and better so I can make better decisions. My nerves are coming together. I smile and laugh a lot more than before. Life is good after all. Thanks to Laura and her gift.”

Marietta, GA.

“Hypnosis has helped me greatly in quitting smoking after 40 years of smoking. It has been three weeks and I have gained only two pounds. I could have never quit smoking by myself”

P. M.
Marietta, GA.