Social Anxiety

March 4, 2015 developer

I always thought of myself as a confident person but at the same time I’d crumble when I needed me the most. I would drive myself mad thinking, I finally ended up in many different kinds of therapies, from C.B.T to Hypnotherapy. I was diagnosed with Social Anxiety. For the last 2 years I’ve been hiding this, smiling on the outside and not on the inside. I decided to try hypnotherapy again, “one last try as I know ALL THIS is in my head.” I noticed a huge difference from the first week; I was actually looking for my anxiety as it was the only way I knew how to think. It did make attempts to come back but the more I went back to see Dr. Laura LaRain the more fun my life became, I started dating again and I’m actually looking for people to go out and have fun with, instead of making excuses or thinking of what to say. My life is back on track and fun again. I couldn’t say enough about Dr. LaRain and her team. There’s a friendly environment from the minute you meet Rosa at the front desk until you leave with a smile on your face.

Thanks for everything
P. D.

P.S I bet you’ll smile when you feel your arm move up to your face within a couple of minutes of meeting Dr. LaRain!!!