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In Course 101, you will learn a wide range of techniques and methods that affect the subconscious mind. You will understand how your client learns and processes information, and how best to make positive life changing suggestions to the client based on their suggestibility. The classes are listed in the numeric order. Remember that listening is not necessarily learning so be encouraged to watch the video lectures as many times as you need to in order to really learn the material. 101 lays a foundation upon witch all other courses are built.

101 Project Page

Certain classes have been placed on the Project Page allowing you more time and flexibility in completing them.  Instead of finishing the project before moving on to the next lesson, you may continue to move on to the next lesson and complete your projects before the 101 Exam is given at the completion of the 101 Course.

Practicals:  Practicals are held on the last Saturday of every month.  practices are not required but they are encouraged.  It is a chance for students to practice with each other, share ideas and hands on training.  While attending Practicals, the students may demonstrate a project for an instructor to sign off on it.  For the ones who are unable to attend practices, you may choose one of many options to do that.

You have several options:  You can video your project or practicum on camera and send in a video in a Window Media Player (wmv) format or email to us on the same format.  All videos must be clear and with good audio so that we are able to see and hear both students and client.   sur recordings and/practicum.  The student may also do their projects or practicum in typed form.

Demonstration Page

After you have completed the 101 Course, you will have access to review all of the 101 demonstrations for 7 days.   Once you have enrolled in the 201 Course you will continue to have access to all the 101 demonstrations as well as, the new demonstrations for 201.


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